In the depths of The Tivoli lies Club Shuffle.

An underground lair housing two 22ft shuffleboards, bar & intimate riverside terrace.


Whether a pro or a newbie, never fear, our team will be on hand to show you the ropes (or pucks we should say!).

The aim of the game is to propel your puck down the table into the scoring zone, knocking opposition pucks off the table, or nudging a teammate into position!

Think tactically, go all out aggression or just be a lucky pucker!


Two teams, one to four players per team.

Both teams shoot towards the same end, taking it in turns

Only one team can score per end

Only count points for pucks past the opposing team’s furthest puck

The team who wins the end, slides first in the next round

First team to score 15 points wins
25 mins
55 mins


Not that we make a habit of it, but Club Shuffle does make for a fantastic venue for a party, corporate gathering or product launch (if we do say so ourselves)!

Submit an enquiry with a bit of information on the type of event you would like to host & we’ll help you get the party started...
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